• We are financially responsible – using ourprofits to achieve our social mission.

  • We are an ambitious business, setting our sights on future developments and business growth opportunities.

  • We utilise commercial opportunities to enable people to make lasting changes in their lives.

  • We are a business first – all of our operations are commercially driven but guided by our social values.




  • Rovers Returned CIC will be developed to maximise the potential for job creation and promote social inclusion.

  • We invest the time and energy required to enable people to make positive lasting changes in their lives.

  • We empower people to learn new skills, increasing their confidence and self esteem.

  • We support people through their development. From learning new skills and coaching, to mentoring future entrepreneurs.




  • Rovers Returned CIC recycles, refurbishes and re-uses car components – we send as little as we can to landfill or scrap.

  • We continually look at our business practices, to find cost savings that also reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Our business decisions are guided by our environmental values – both for the planet, our working environment and the communities we serve.




  • We are committed to our customers and delivering value.

  • We are passionate about the local economy and contributing financially and socially, by creating jobs and developing our people.

  • We are committed to the quality of service and components we sell to our customers.

  • We take great care in striking the right balance between our economic, social and environmental responsibilities.




  • Our business has a financial responsibility – both to our people and the community. 

  • We have a responsibility towards our people – to ensure they are given the skills, experience and confidence to make a change in their lives.

  • We are committed to responsible business practices that ensure we take every step possible to minimise our environmental impact.


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